Can interactive video help you sell?

xaracubeAsk any marketing person and they will tell you that every business is looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. A video is perhaps the best way to get noticed but it has the drawback that ‘call to action’ messages require viewers to leave the viewing experience. E.g. showing your website link in the video for the viewer to visit and take action they have to remember and type the address into a browser. Youtube allows the placement of annotation links on a video which you can click to take you to a specific URL. This helps speed up the navigation but the links are overlays which distract from the video taking away from its aesthetics.

Would it not be nice to have a video that looks good and without overlays allow viewers to visit different URL pages or browse your social media page? – This is cube video.

Cube Video

Six sides of a rotating cube are constantly shown to viewers. It’s nice to watch the spinning cube but after a while, if it was an ordinary video, this would get boring. But make it an interactive video and you can do things like spin the cube and stop it on any of its sides.  You’ll be surprised how addictive spinning the cube is.
What good is this?

Having six sides means you can put six product images on a cube. Each image can take viewers to six different URLs. i.e. For one Cube Video, you have six ‘call to action’ messages boosting your selling opportunities.  To see the Xara cube in action, click here.

Cubes are attractive and can be shared on social media or email using a simple link. Viewers can pin them to their phone home pages making access to the six URLs just a few clicks away.

Can interactive video help you sell?

The cube is an excellent example of how a simple interactive video can make your products not only look enticing but also make access to buying the products easier. Will this help? You tell us.

Contact to find out more about using interactive cube video to sell.

Bigger changes to come: 2017

Bigger changes to come: 2017

The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur made the first controlled, sustained flight of a powered, heavier-than-air aircraft on December 17, 1903. January 1st 1914, saw the first ever scheduled flight with a paying passenger – an event that changed the world.

Ten years to change the world through powered flight. Will the journey to change the world through creativity take as long? Perhaps not, judging from some notable applications of the highly creative Selective Interactive Video (SIV) technology introduced in 2016.


2b Acting launched its Custom SIV service for businesses earlier in the year in their pursuit of developing new markets for creative interactive videos. The service effectively redefines the use of video in business, to improve engagement. As examples: Sign Language Videos can simply be added to any online video, widening its accessibility. It is also possible to automatically change the content of a video to cater for different customer markets.
Perhaps the most noticeable demonstration of SIV in business is the replacement of traditional layout drawings, used in every construction project, with interactive videos. Layouts for equipment cubicles, building arrangements, system designs, etc. when converted to interactive video provide visual data that cannot be captured using drawings. It is perhaps the most effective way of recording “As built” conditions – An extremely important part of modern engineering.
SIV layout stores data that is displayed when viewers move over items they see in a video – such as walls, furniture, equipment, fixings, etc. SIV layouts can store technical, construction or safety data. In the construction industry, this new market can save billions with video producers filming new constructions on which the layout information will be added or to capture modeling information to be used in the planning and building stage – A major new market has emerged.


In entertainment, progress is just as exciting, with work starting on the first interactive video production. This production crosses over video, gaming and website markets. 4K quality video fused with gaming adaptability shown across the internet using browsing technology. Produced in a fraction of the time of traditional 3D gaming models. With both the video market and gaming market being lucrative businesses, proving interactive videos can compete effectively in these areas is something that should really get the technology noticed.

These applications alone open the door to even greater use of SIV, meaning for creativity there are even bigger world changes to come – Bring on 2017.

How do you introduce yourself?

The move away from print

According to statistics  from businesses are moving away from printed material in favour of online options such as email and social media.

Do you have a business card, brochure, website, email, leaflet, twitter, etc?

Yet, no matter what your business when you meet someone you will be asked if you have a business card, a brochure, a website, an email, a leaflet, a twitter, etc.  What you are being asked for is something that best introduces you and what you do.
What’s the problem?
The problem is, we now live in an online world as the stats show. When you hand across printed material you are asking someone to use the information on it to search and discover things about you on their own.  The information may send them to your website but did they see your mission statement? Your latest promotion? Your Twitter feed?  Did they see what you wanted them to see?  Did they find the most important information you wanted them to know about you and what you do?
You had one chance to make an impression and it is very disappointing if you didn’t take the chance to, as they say, ‘put your best foot forward.’

SIV Profile

It is said that video is perhaps the most engaging medium and when linked with interactivity it becomes a powerful tool.  2b Acting’s Selective Interactive Video (SIV) Profile service takes advantage of this tool  by pulling together the top six introduction items in your business and displaying them on their unique interactive CubeVideo.
Directing those that ask to your SIV profile will provide a simple to use and engaging interface to ensure they find the things about you that you want them to know.
“SIV profile is a new way to get yourself and your business noticed.”
Take advantage of the power of interactive video. With SIV Profile on CubeVideo, you can quickly direct others to your website, social media, promotion material, etc.

Get the Link

The great aspect of using SIV profile is that it provides a simple URL link or an embed code you can send via email to others for them to pin on their phones or include on their website or social media pages, making it easy to reach your profile.  This one link may save the need for additional cards, leaflets, brochures and a few other  communication methods.
If you want a new way to talk about yourself and what you do then have a look at using SIV profile.


How to use interactive video in business

Ask any business and they will tell you that what they are looking for from marketing today is audience engagement.  What is engagement?   This is nicely answered by Brightcove

According to Brightcove “the goal of an engagement campaign is to break out of segments and connect with individuals through personalised messages, leading down a prescribed path to conversion.”

Well, as Brightcove recognised there are a number of strategies that can be employed to make different formats deliver audience engagement.  But why make it so hard?

Using Interactive video in business

Interactive video brings automatic engagement capabilities. The clue is in the name.  And when you add ‘Selectivity’ engaging audiences with video has never been easier.

2b Acting, who recently were awarded best for SIV productions – UK 2016, by TMT News is perhaps the first company to take advantage of the ease of using Selective Interactive Videos to create a range of what they call Custom SIVs.   Their range of interactive videos is designed to be used by businesses to improve audience engagement and conversions.

The benefit of interactive video is videos no longer rely on content for engagement so they don’t just sit on Youtube or a website waiting for viewers to watch them. Instead, your videos can now become applications in their own right.  2b Acting’s custom SIV better describes the possibilities and shows a few of the many ways interactive videos can be used in business today.

There are many businesses working hard to find new ways to make traditional methods of video marketing engaging.  Why?  SIV does it naturally.

What’s inside your building?

Make it simple 

According to statistics  from HM Revenue and Customs in September 2016 there were 93,130 residential and 9,670 non-residential property sales transactions. Information about properties is an ongoing requirement.  There is, therefore, a huge advantage if the cost and time involved in providing information could be reduced.
Make it visual
For centuries, architects, planners and property agents have relied on building layouts to communicate information about the inside of buildings. Two-dimensional drawings that are useful up to a point.  When it comes to existing buildings it is difficult to communicate the use of space and its content with traditional layout drawings.  That is until now. Video can now do a much better job when combined with Selective Interactive Video (SIV) functions.
Make it useful
If you are selling a property, carrying out property inspections, conducting safety assessments or just need to know more about the space you will find SIV layout to be a game changer.

SIV layout

2b Acting’s Custom SIV layout turns an ordinary video of a space into an information database that viewers can use to find out more about the building or its content.  Viewers can move a mouse over objects such as walls, fixtures and fittings, furniture and appliances to reveal data – Dimensions, construction material, inspection dates, warranty information, etc.
The presentation of data can be through reference to external material such as drawings or it can be kept internal to the video  by jumping to another section of the playing video, other videos, or picture-in-picture displays. The same applies to items in the space.  For example, information about a boiler installation can be readily available.   In fact, details of any appliance shown in the video can be just a click away – user manual, warranty, service contacts, etc.
“SIV layout is perhaps the simplest way to communicate information about a building.”
Time and cost savings
When you think of the time and money spent collecting information about a property for a transaction it makes good business sense to do something different that is faster and more cost effective.   With SIV layout you can turn existing layout videos or quickly convert videos taken with a mobile phone, into valuable information sources.  It’s that simple. (Click here for info on 2b Acting’s Custom SIV layout service).

Imagine, how much nicer it would be to have details of your property presented in this new way.  So much better than boring 2D layout drawings.

The world of video has definitely changed.

Can you make it clickable?

A growing awareness

The capability of interactive video marketing is slowly being understood if the request from ‘yourbooktrailer’ is anything to go by. Yourbooktrailer creates stunning marketing trailer videos for books and movies and have clients now asking if videos can be made clickable.

Good news is that Youtube and others offer what is called annotation services that allow you to add clickable links (calls-to-action, additional info, contact details, etc) inside your video to direct viewers to your site, project, product page, etc. (Click here for info on Youtube annotation service ) – The fact that video makers are starting to demand the use of these services is really great, as is an indication that people are now realising that videos can be used for more than just watching.

Annotation is a first step, taking people through the door of interactive videos

This good news goes further as already there are signs that people who use annotations are starting to recognise the need for effective and creative annotation designs. Designs that take away from the viewing experiences are not only rejected by viewers they can serve to alienate them from the video content. When you spend money producing your video content the last thing you want is to have it ruined by putting the wrong annotation at the wrong time. Consider if your annotation design convinced viewers to click away from the video content half way through its play to visit another site, would you really expect them to come back and watch the rest of the video? – As with all things, the right design matters.

There is more

Users of video annotation are also realising that video interactivity is not just restricted to annotations. In fact, video annotation is the simplest of elements in the interactivity design bag.

The trick to making good interactive videos is to offer interactions that not only complement the video content they enhance it. Good interaction effectively turns videos into Apps. Videos with purpose. 2b Acting’s range of Custom Selective Interactive Video (SIV) service is perhaps the best example of this. (Click here for info on 2b Acting Custom SIV service).

The world of video is changing fast as more and more are recognising that you can make videos clickable. With services like 2b Acting’s available it will not be long before videos that you just watch become a thing of the past.


Simply add sign language video to your videos

Making a difference

This week we were told that 2b Acting has been nominated for the TMT news award 2016.  According to the TMT news website, this award is to recognise that “throughout the world there are thousands of dedicated companies working tirelessly to ensure that the corporate landscape remains logged on, tuned in and clued up through their work in the three most vital industries of the modern age: Technology, Media and Telecoms.”

We are not sure how we have been selected for nomination, but we would like to think it is because of our work showing how our Selective Interactive Video or SIV services makes a real difference, not only to businesses but to others that use video online.

As an example, our Custom SIV sign language service can tremendously change the viewing experience for viewers relying on sign language for understanding.

Make your videos more accessible

Imagine what it would be like to watch videos with no sound.  Would you not welcome having access to sound videos?

According to the World Federation of the Deaf, there are about 70 million deaf people who use sign language as their first language or mother tongue in the world today.   There is, therefore, a very large market that would welcome the SIV sign language service as an addition to new or existing videos.

SIV sign language service

With our Custom SIV sign language service, you can simply place a picture-in-picture sign language video onto any online video. The sign language video can be configured to automatically appear and disappear at predefined points in the video or you can make this available to the viewer so they can control if the sign language video can be seen or not, using a button. In this way, you can ensure the sign language video does not get in the way of the main video and spoil the content or overall viewing experience.

The service is so simple, once the sign language video is ready it can be applied to any video almost instantly and the combined video can then shown online using an embed code, so it can be embedded on your website, or as a direct link, with its own page.

If you are looking to expand your video’s viewing market this is perhaps the simplest way to get it done. Plus,  there is the added advantage that you are opening your videos to a sector that would very much welcome them.

SIV is a simple and affordable way to make your videos more accessible.

Visit 2b Acting to start making use of the Custom SIV sign language service today.

One way to make your videos more engaging

There are numerous tips online as to how to make your videos more engaging but you will find they all concentrate on your content.

Yes, it is important for your content to be entertaining, informative and/or educational but with everyone trying to do the same what will make yours more engaging than others?

There is one way to make your videos more engaging – make them with a unique purpose.

More than just viewing experience

The advent of Selective Interactive Videos (SIV) means video annotation tools can be used to not only provide viewers with a pleasurable viewing experience but to make videos useful in other ways.

Offering viewers the ability to do more than just watching a video is more likely to engage them.  You can turn your videos into a “video game”, “video quiz”, “video feedback form”, “video shop”, “video website”, “video guides”, “video storybooks”, etc.

The advantage is what you can offer – in addition to the content, will be unique. If done right, viewers will seek out your video in ways they have never done before.

Call to Action

You can even make ‘Call To Action’ elements in your video purposeful, encouraging users to engage with your product, brand or service before, during or after they’ve watched the video content.

Visit 2b Acting to start making unique videos with purpose today.

A simple way to turn reading into watching

Academics, businesses, students, researchers have one thing in common – Reports. These are generally pages and pages of detail, expressed as text, images, graphs and tables. Many hours are spent by report authors in crafting their reports into manageable literature all aimed at improving its readability. Yet, despite best efforts, many reports go unread. Perhaps some gets a cursory glance, with readers managing to flick through a few pages before the report is stored away to gather dust on a shelf or hidden away in a digital archive – They never quite reach the intended audience and the wealth of information they contained is wasted.

Make your reports readable

How many times have you been handed a report and rather than read it you ask for a verbal synopsis? Or you ask for pointers to the bits of interest? Or even, can someone talk you through it?

This is a clear indication that visual communications of some type enhance report reading and that is where 2b Acting’s Custom SIV report service changes things. The SIV report service turns new or existing reports into engaging interactive videos. It can simply be applied to sections or the whole report.

Aside from present a more user friendly introduction to the report’s content the interactive video functions can provide filters to make the report reading experience more practical and enjoyable. It is also possible to add elements such as quizzes and feedback forms to the video to measure understanding, plus include direct links to the reports resource material to better explain findings or conclusions.

How can a report be an interactive video?

There is an element of creativity in making an interactive video from a report but primarily it’s just a conversion from static pages to active video elements. The key is the process takes advantage of video being a more engaging method of communicating, greatly increasing the chance of reports being noticed and subsequently read. It also means it becomes easier to interest an online audience as the interactive report video can be placed on Social Media site and Websites.

SIV reports are a great way to get the most from report writing investments – A new concept available today.

Same link – different content

With today’s technology, where you can capture video footage with just a click of a button on a mobile phone, I am amazed that we are perfectly ok for videos to perhaps exclude many others from understanding what we ask them to watch.

At best we add subtitles to turn what is said in the video into text. We live in a diverse world and yet we do little to take into account different cultures, different ages, different environments, different abilities, etc.

Would it not be great if when you clicked a video link the played content is tailored.? For example would it not be good if the video could detect the country you are in and change the content to match?  e.g. If you were in Japan the video would have Japanese music, a Japanese narration, Japanese writing, etc.


What I’m saying is where and when you watch a video can be important and what’s great is now using 2b Acting’s Selective Interactive Video (SIV) Changer  it’s simple to tailor video messages to suit different audiences.

With the  SIV Changer  some or all of the content of your video can change depending on where in the world it is being watched or it can display different content depending on the time the video link is clicked.

It’s simple…

How it works is – you send a link to play your video to someone anywhere in the world. When that person clicks your link the content for that country is automatically selected and the right part of the video is played. This is great to overcome governing restrictions or to make your content more acceptable to specific audiences. Ideal for video that serves international markets or for businesses with a global reach.  Your video can be tailored to specific cultural needs or cater for when your target market is most likely to view your content.

Additional, you can use the SIV Changer to make ordinary videos look and feel fresh by adding in different content that changes during the day.  In this way the viewer  never knows what to expect so your video is played more giving you more chance to get your message across – Now that can’t be a bad thing.

The SIV Changer is one of several Custom SIV services to help you “get on the fast track” when it comes to using video.

If you like to know more about other available Custom SIVs then visit the Pinterest Custom SIV board.  Or to start using the SIV Changer Get a Quote today.