Can interactive video help you sell?

xaracubeAsk any marketing person and they will tell you that every business is looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. A video is perhaps the best way to get noticed but it has the drawback that ‘call to action’ messages require viewers to leave the viewing experience. E.g. showing your website link in the video for the viewer to visit and take action they have to remember and type the address into a browser. Youtube allows the placement of annotation links on a video which you can click to take you to a specific URL. This helps speed up the navigation but the links are overlays which distract from the video taking away from its aesthetics.

Would it not be nice to have a video that looks good and without overlays allow viewers to visit different URL pages or browse your social media page? – This is cube video.

Cube Video

Six sides of a rotating cube are constantly shown to viewers. It’s nice to watch the spinning cube but after a while, if it was an ordinary video, this would get boring. But make it an interactive video and you can do things like spin the cube and stop it on any of its sides.  You’ll be surprised how addictive spinning the cube is.
What good is this?

Having six sides means you can put six product images on a cube. Each image can take viewers to six different URLs. i.e. For one Cube Video, you have six ‘call to action’ messages boosting your selling opportunities.  To see the Xara cube in action, click here.

Cubes are attractive and can be shared on social media or email using a simple link. Viewers can pin them to their phone home pages making access to the six URLs just a few clicks away.

Can interactive video help you sell?

The cube is an excellent example of how a simple interactive video can make your products not only look enticing but also make access to buying the products easier. Will this help? You tell us.

Contact to find out more about using interactive cube video to sell.

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