The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur made the first controlled, sustained flight of a powered, heavier-than-air aircraft on December 17, 1903. January 1st 1914, saw the first ever scheduled flight with a paying passenger – an event that changed the world.

Ten years to change the world through powered flight. Will the journey to change the world through creativity take as long? Perhaps not, judging from some notable applications of the highly creative Selective Interactive Video (SIV) technology introduced in 2016.


2b Acting launched its Custom SIV service for businesses earlier in the year in their pursuit of developing new markets for creative interactive videos. The service effectively redefines the use of video in business, to improve engagement. As examples: Sign Language Videos can simply be added to any online video, widening its accessibility. It is also possible to automatically change the content of a video to cater for different customer markets.
Perhaps the most noticeable demonstration of SIV in business is the replacement of traditional layout drawings, used in every construction project, with interactive videos. Layouts for equipment cubicles, building arrangements, system designs, etc. when converted to interactive video provide visual data that cannot be captured using drawings. It is perhaps the most effective way of recording “As built” conditions – An extremely important part of modern engineering.
SIV layout stores data that is displayed when viewers move over items they see in a video – such as walls, furniture, equipment, fixings, etc. SIV layouts can store technical, construction or safety data. In the construction industry, this new market can save billions with video producers filming new constructions on which the layout information will be added or to capture modeling information to be used in the planning and building stage – A major new market has emerged.


In entertainment, progress is just as exciting, with work starting on the first interactive video production. This production crosses over video, gaming and website markets. 4K quality video fused with gaming adaptability shown across the internet using browsing technology. Produced in a fraction of the time of traditional 3D gaming models. With both the video market and gaming market being lucrative businesses, proving interactive videos can compete effectively in these areas is something that should really get the technology noticed.

These applications alone open the door to even greater use of SIV, meaning for creativity there are even bigger world changes to come – Bring on 2017.

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