How do you introduce yourself?

The move away from print

According to statistics  from businesses are moving away from printed material in favour of online options such as email and social media.

Do you have a business card, brochure, website, email, leaflet, twitter, etc?

Yet, no matter what your business when you meet someone you will be asked if you have a business card, a brochure, a website, an email, a leaflet, a twitter, etc.  What you are being asked for is something that best introduces you and what you do.
What’s the problem?
The problem is, we now live in an online world as the stats show. When you hand across printed material you are asking someone to use the information on it to search and discover things about you on their own.  The information may send them to your website but did they see your mission statement? Your latest promotion? Your Twitter feed?  Did they see what you wanted them to see?  Did they find the most important information you wanted them to know about you and what you do?
You had one chance to make an impression and it is very disappointing if you didn’t take the chance to, as they say, ‘put your best foot forward.’

SIV Profile

It is said that video is perhaps the most engaging medium and when linked with interactivity it becomes a powerful tool.  2b Acting’s Selective Interactive Video (SIV) Profile service takes advantage of this tool  by pulling together the top six introduction items in your business and displaying them on their unique interactive CubeVideo.
Directing those that ask to your SIV profile will provide a simple to use and engaging interface to ensure they find the things about you that you want them to know.
“SIV profile is a new way to get yourself and your business noticed.”
Take advantage of the power of interactive video. With SIV Profile on CubeVideo, you can quickly direct others to your website, social media, promotion material, etc.

Get the Link

The great aspect of using SIV profile is that it provides a simple URL link or an embed code you can send via email to others for them to pin on their phones or include on their website or social media pages, making it easy to reach your profile.  This one link may save the need for additional cards, leaflets, brochures and a few other  communication methods.
If you want a new way to talk about yourself and what you do then have a look at using SIV profile.


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