How to use interactive video in business

Ask any business and they will tell you that what they are looking for from marketing today is audience engagement.  What is engagement?   This is nicely answered by Brightcove

According to Brightcove “the goal of an engagement campaign is to break out of segments and connect with individuals through personalised messages, leading down a prescribed path to conversion.”

Well, as Brightcove recognised there are a number of strategies that can be employed to make different formats deliver audience engagement.  But why make it so hard?

Using Interactive video in business

Interactive video brings automatic engagement capabilities. The clue is in the name.  And when you add ‘Selectivity’ engaging audiences with video has never been easier.

2b Acting, who recently were awarded best for SIV productions – UK 2016, by TMT News is perhaps the first company to take advantage of the ease of using Selective Interactive Videos to create a range of what they call Custom SIVs.   Their range of interactive videos is designed to be used by businesses to improve audience engagement and conversions.

The benefit of interactive video is videos no longer rely on content for engagement so they don’t just sit on Youtube or a website waiting for viewers to watch them. Instead, your videos can now become applications in their own right.  2b Acting’s custom SIV better describes the possibilities and shows a few of the many ways interactive videos can be used in business today.

There are many businesses working hard to find new ways to make traditional methods of video marketing engaging.  Why?  SIV does it naturally.

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