What’s inside your building?

Make it simple 

According to statistics  from HM Revenue and Customs in September 2016 there were 93,130 residential and 9,670 non-residential property sales transactions. Information about properties is an ongoing requirement.  There is, therefore, a huge advantage if the cost and time involved in providing information could be reduced.
Make it visual
For centuries, architects, planners and property agents have relied on building layouts to communicate information about the inside of buildings. Two-dimensional drawings that are useful up to a point.  When it comes to existing buildings it is difficult to communicate the use of space and its content with traditional layout drawings.  That is until now. Video can now do a much better job when combined with Selective Interactive Video (SIV) functions.
Make it useful
If you are selling a property, carrying out property inspections, conducting safety assessments or just need to know more about the space you will find SIV layout to be a game changer.

SIV layout

2b Acting’s Custom SIV layout turns an ordinary video of a space into an information database that viewers can use to find out more about the building or its content.  Viewers can move a mouse over objects such as walls, fixtures and fittings, furniture and appliances to reveal data – Dimensions, construction material, inspection dates, warranty information, etc.
The presentation of data can be through reference to external material such as drawings or it can be kept internal to the video  by jumping to another section of the playing video, other videos, or picture-in-picture displays. The same applies to items in the space.  For example, information about a boiler installation can be readily available.   In fact, details of any appliance shown in the video can be just a click away – user manual, warranty, service contacts, etc.
“SIV layout is perhaps the simplest way to communicate information about a building.”
Time and cost savings
When you think of the time and money spent collecting information about a property for a transaction it makes good business sense to do something different that is faster and more cost effective.   With SIV layout you can turn existing layout videos or quickly convert videos taken with a mobile phone, into valuable information sources.  It’s that simple. (Click here for info on 2b Acting’s Custom SIV layout service).

Imagine, how much nicer it would be to have details of your property presented in this new way.  So much better than boring 2D layout drawings.

The world of video has definitely changed.

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