Can you make it clickable?

A growing awareness

The capability of interactive video marketing is slowly being understood if the request from ‘yourbooktrailer’ is anything to go by. Yourbooktrailer creates stunning marketing trailer videos for books and movies and have clients now asking if videos can be made clickable.

Good news is that Youtube and others offer what is called annotation services that allow you to add clickable links (calls-to-action, additional info, contact details, etc) inside your video to direct viewers to your site, project, product page, etc. (Click here for info on Youtube annotation service ) – The fact that video makers are starting to demand the use of these services is really great, as is an indication that people are now realising that videos can be used for more than just watching.

Annotation is a first step, taking people through the door of interactive videos

This good news goes further as already there are signs that people who use annotations are starting to recognise the need for effective and creative annotation designs. Designs that take away from the viewing experiences are not only rejected by viewers they can serve to alienate them from the video content. When you spend money producing your video content the last thing you want is to have it ruined by putting the wrong annotation at the wrong time. Consider if your annotation design convinced viewers to click away from the video content half way through its play to visit another site, would you really expect them to come back and watch the rest of the video? – As with all things, the right design matters.

There is more

Users of video annotation are also realising that video interactivity is not just restricted to annotations. In fact, video annotation is the simplest of elements in the interactivity design bag.

The trick to making good interactive videos is to offer interactions that not only complement the video content they enhance it. Good interaction effectively turns videos into Apps. Videos with purpose. 2b Acting’s range of Custom Selective Interactive Video (SIV) service is perhaps the best example of this. (Click here for info on 2b Acting Custom SIV service).

The world of video is changing fast as more and more are recognising that you can make videos clickable. With services like 2b Acting’s available it will not be long before videos that you just watch become a thing of the past.


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