Simply add sign language video to your videos

Making a difference

This week we were told that 2b Acting has been nominated for the TMT news award 2016.  According to the TMT news website, this award is to recognise that “throughout the world there are thousands of dedicated companies working tirelessly to ensure that the corporate landscape remains logged on, tuned in and clued up through their work in the three most vital industries of the modern age: Technology, Media and Telecoms.”

We are not sure how we have been selected for nomination, but we would like to think it is because of our work showing how our Selective Interactive Video or SIV services makes a real difference, not only to businesses but to others that use video online.

As an example, our Custom SIV sign language service can tremendously change the viewing experience for viewers relying on sign language for understanding.

Make your videos more accessible

Imagine what it would be like to watch videos with no sound.  Would you not welcome having access to sound videos?

According to the World Federation of the Deaf, there are about 70 million deaf people who use sign language as their first language or mother tongue in the world today.   There is, therefore, a very large market that would welcome the SIV sign language service as an addition to new or existing videos.

SIV sign language service

With our Custom SIV sign language service, you can simply place a picture-in-picture sign language video onto any online video. The sign language video can be configured to automatically appear and disappear at predefined points in the video or you can make this available to the viewer so they can control if the sign language video can be seen or not, using a button. In this way, you can ensure the sign language video does not get in the way of the main video and spoil the content or overall viewing experience.

The service is so simple, once the sign language video is ready it can be applied to any video almost instantly and the combined video can then shown online using an embed code, so it can be embedded on your website, or as a direct link, with its own page.

If you are looking to expand your video’s viewing market this is perhaps the simplest way to get it done. Plus,  there is the added advantage that you are opening your videos to a sector that would very much welcome them.

SIV is a simple and affordable way to make your videos more accessible.

Visit 2b Acting to start making use of the Custom SIV sign language service today.

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