One way to make your videos more engaging

There are numerous tips online as to how to make your videos more engaging but you will find they all concentrate on your content.

Yes, it is important for your content to be entertaining, informative and/or educational but with everyone trying to do the same what will make yours more engaging than others?

There is one way to make your videos more engaging – make them with a unique purpose.

More than just viewing experience

The advent of Selective Interactive Videos (SIV) means video annotation tools can be used to not only provide viewers with a pleasurable viewing experience but to make videos useful in other ways.

Offering viewers the ability to do more than just watching a video is more likely to engage them.  You can turn your videos into a “video game”, “video quiz”, “video feedback form”, “video shop”, “video website”, “video guides”, “video storybooks”, etc.

The advantage is what you can offer – in addition to the content, will be unique. If done right, viewers will seek out your video in ways they have never done before.

Call to Action

You can even make ‘Call To Action’ elements in your video purposeful, encouraging users to engage with your product, brand or service before, during or after they’ve watched the video content.

Visit 2b Acting to start making unique videos with purpose today.

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