Same link – different content

With today’s technology, where you can capture video footage with just a click of a button on a mobile phone, I am amazed that we are perfectly ok for videos to perhaps exclude many others from understanding what we ask them to watch.

At best we add subtitles to turn what is said in the video into text. We live in a diverse world and yet we do little to take into account different cultures, different ages, different environments, different abilities, etc.

Would it not be great if when you clicked a video link the played content is tailored.? For example would it not be good if the video could detect the country you are in and change the content to match?  e.g. If you were in Japan the video would have Japanese music, a Japanese narration, Japanese writing, etc.


What I’m saying is where and when you watch a video can be important and what’s great is now using 2b Acting’s Selective Interactive Video (SIV) Changer  it’s simple to tailor video messages to suit different audiences.

With the  SIV Changer  some or all of the content of your video can change depending on where in the world it is being watched or it can display different content depending on the time the video link is clicked.

It’s simple…

How it works is – you send a link to play your video to someone anywhere in the world. When that person clicks your link the content for that country is automatically selected and the right part of the video is played. This is great to overcome governing restrictions or to make your content more acceptable to specific audiences. Ideal for video that serves international markets or for businesses with a global reach.  Your video can be tailored to specific cultural needs or cater for when your target market is most likely to view your content.

Additional, you can use the SIV Changer to make ordinary videos look and feel fresh by adding in different content that changes during the day.  In this way the viewer  never knows what to expect so your video is played more giving you more chance to get your message across – Now that can’t be a bad thing.

The SIV Changer is one of several Custom SIV services to help you “get on the fast track” when it comes to using video.

If you like to know more about other available Custom SIVs then visit the Pinterest Custom SIV board.  Or to start using the SIV Changer Get a Quote today.

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