How to turn a video into a powerful tool

A successful interactive video is a two way conversation, where the viewer and the video interact in a way that adjusts the video content or make changes elsewhere such as on a mobile device, a database, another video, etc.

You may have a quiz built into the video where a user can answer questions and get a score when the video ends. Have a video presentation that interacts with mobiles to provide feedback. Active icons placed on screen with details such as product information, e-mail contacts or links to buy something and engage the viewer. Linking to a voting system so you can get some feedback on a product or design, lessening the need for focus groups. Interactive video also allows the end user to create their own stories, with different outcomes and enables a business to market to its customers in a way which is tailored specifically to their needs.

For the interaction to gain the selective tag it needs to offer different user interaction options adding another layer of creativity to selective interactive video (SIV) designs.

Selection options move interaction away from the normal clicking of elements that appears on the video, now a standard on platforms such as Youtube – which tends to distract viewers from the viewing experience – to providing videos that interact depending on aspects such as location, weather, time, bio-metrics, etc.

SIV means videos no longer rely on their content for engagement so they shouldn’t be just left on Youtube or a website waiting for viewers to watch them but instead they become applications in their own right.

Leading the way in SIV design is Yorkshire based company 2b Acting with a range of custom SIVs applications opening the door for videos to be used in ways never before imagined.

They also offer a bespoke SIV business service showing there is possibly no limit to the applications videos can now be used for.

The above table shows the company’s current range of custom SIVs each designed to allow videos to be monetised increasing income for businesses or lead to better user engagement with the videos.

SIV is therefore good news for the video industry as it is not just strong content and good technical production elements that goes into creating videos. Creativity in application design, selectivity and interaction are now a big part of the future and companies like 2b Acting are starting to change perceptions.

“In five years, most of Facebook will be video,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said recently when answering questions from the public on the direction Facebook is taking. Treating consumers as co-creators and inviting them to take part in the story helps them feel valued and encourages them to interact with your brand or engage with your product.

Video therefore is the first step – making it interactive is perhaps the second.  The final step is definitely SIV.


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