A simple way to turn reading into watching

Academics, businesses, students, researchers have one thing in common – Reports. These are generally pages and pages of detail, expressed as text, images, graphs and tables. Many hours are spent by report authors in crafting their reports into manageable literature all aimed at improving its readability. Yet, despite best efforts, many reports go unread. Perhaps some gets a cursory glance, with readers managing to flick through a few pages before the report is stored away to gather dust on a shelf or hidden away in a digital archive – They never quite reach the intended audience and the wealth of information they contained is wasted.

Make your reports readable

How many times have you been handed a report and rather than read it you ask for a verbal synopsis? Or you ask for pointers to the bits of interest? Or even, can someone talk you through it?

This is a clear indication that visual communications of some type enhance report reading and that is where 2b Acting’s Custom SIV report service changes things. The SIV report service turns new or existing reports into engaging interactive videos. It can simply be applied to sections or the whole report.

Aside from present a more user friendly introduction to the report’s content the interactive video functions can provide filters to make the report reading experience more practical and enjoyable. It is also possible to add elements such as quizzes and feedback forms to the video to measure understanding, plus include direct links to the reports resource material to better explain findings or conclusions.

How can a report be an interactive video?

There is an element of creativity in making an interactive video from a report but primarily it’s just a conversion from static pages to active video elements. The key is the process takes advantage of video being a more engaging method of communicating, greatly increasing the chance of reports being noticed and subsequently read. It also means it becomes easier to interest an online audience as the interactive report video can be placed on Social Media site and Websites.

SIV reports are a great way to get the most from report writing investments – A new concept available today.

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