Is this the end for Broadcast Television?

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SIV is a new idea to change the world of online TV

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In 2008, when we decided to establish an online TV channel we always faced the challenge as to why people would want to watch online TV. There is nothing wrong with regular broadcast TV and there are little signs of viewers moving away from this platform despite the hype that online TV viewing is growing.

We tried talking about viewers being able to watch productions they would never see on broadcast TV, for the Internet allows independent producers to show their work.

However, this argument didn’t stand up as the only thing that seems to be growing an online audience are sites such as Netflix that has made traditional TV shows available to watch online.

It is therefore fantastic that we can now exploit powerful new features in browsers such as Google Chrome to introduce Selective Interactive Video or SIV.

What is SIV?

Have you ever watched a show and wished it ended differently? Wouldn’t it be great if you could watch another ending?

Have you ever seen a video with a character looking at something and wondered what they were looking at? Wouldn’t it be great if you could switch the viewpoint?

Have you ever watched a show where the character turns left and you wondered how the story would have changed if they turned right? Wouldn’t it be great to see the alternative story?

All this is now possible with SIV. In our example on the website we use a simple video to show how the viewer can easily change the editor’s choice in the order cards are dealt. (check out the SIV example on the website.)

SIV is video made specifically to give viewers choice at various points so that they watch what they want to see the way they want to see it. It can be a great teaching aid, perfect for advertising, fantastic for story telling and ideal for game play.

The technology relies on the video being played using modern HTML5 browsers with the appropriate options selectable by the viewer.

SIV is the step that online video has being waiting for to differentiate from watching video online to watching it anywhere else.

Broadcast Television and Cinema will be unable to offer the same viewing experience. This now gives SIV a real future and access to a really big long-term market. For this reason we are committed to stay leaders of this new technology. How do we know we are leaders? Because we invented it – Another example of Imagination Unleashed.

Members to our website will be the first to see the growing library of SIVs, providing perhaps one of the best reasons to watch online.

We will still have regular online TV but we see that very soon SIV will become the online norm.

If you would like information on how you can use SIV, want to make one or want us to make one for you then contact us via Facebook. –


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